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5 Shocking Training Mistakes Killing Your Gains!

July 15, 2014

We all want to make the ever-illusive “gains,” right? Well, the more clients I work with and the more fitness enthusiasts I come in contact with at events, expos, etc. – the more I realize these simple, yet devastating gain-killing mistakes people make every day! Take a look and make sure your not doing the same! 1)   Extensive Steady-State Cardio – This one is probably the most common. People immediately relate fat loss to hours of steady-state cardio, which is odd considering steady-state cardio actually does very little for fat loss over time and just about nothing for your metabolic rate. Is it OK to do steady-state or LISS cardio? Sure, but don’t go overboard.  Instead, incorporate more HIIT based... Continue Reading →

The Sooner You Know This Late Night Eating Habit That Could Ruin Your Physique The Better!

July 12, 2014

You have probably heard a mix of everything regarding late night eating habits, right? I mean really, one person says, “No carbs after 6pm!” and the next says, “Eat right before you go to bed to maximize gains!” Well, you want the truth?  There is no late night eating habit that can ruin your physique - It doesn’t matter! That’s right, eating carbs right before jumping into bed is completely fine. However, you could also not eat carbs before hitting the sack and you would also survive! So, now your probably wondering, “OK, well then what should I do?” First things first, nutrient timing is largely irrelevant. Yes, pre and post workout meals are important, as you want to fuel... Continue Reading →


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