July 12, 2014


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The Sooner You Know This Late Night Eating Habit That Could Ruin Your Physique The Better!

You have probably heard a mix of everything regarding late night eating habits, right? I mean really, one person says, “No carbs after 6pm!” and the next says, “Eat right before you go to bed to maximize gains!”

Well, you want the truth? 

There is no late night eating habit that can ruin your physique - It doesn’t matter! That’s right, eating carbs right before jumping into bed is completely fine. However, you could also not eat carbs before hitting the sack and you would also survive!

So, now your probably wondering, “OK, well then what should I do?”

First things first, nutrient timing is largely irrelevant. Yes, pre and post workout meals are important, as you want to fuel your body prior to entering the gym to maximize your workout and you also want to fuel your body post workout to recover. However, aside from those two scenarios, your nutrient timing isn’t all that important.

What is important is your macronutrient breakdown and meeting those daily requirements. What’s a macronutrient? Macronutrients are the elements by which our calories are made up of. These are better known as Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats. These three macronutrients make up our total caloric consumption for the day and tracking your intake of these macronutrients is key to improving your physique. 

I would recommend using My Fitness Pal to set your caloric and macronutrients goals for the day. From there, you can use the website or app to input your food consumption throughout the day. The app tracks your macronutrients for you, so you always know both, how much you’ve consumed and how much you have left to consume.

At the end of the day, expending more calories than you intake will cause you to lose weight and doing the opposite will cause weight gain. However, taking things one step further and not just tracking calories, but tracking macronutrient totals will provide you with better overall results.

Lastly, the foods you consume are NOT as important as the macronutrients that make up these foods. In other words, a carb is a carb, a fat is a fat and protein is protein – regardless the source. The only time this would not apply is if you have a predisposed health condition that is affected by consuming certain foods. So with that being said, you can essentially eat what you want, when you want, as long as you stick to your individual macronutrient totals each day! This allows for a much more sustainable diet, as you can alter food choices and actually enjoy your nutritional regimen.

If you need help calculating your specific caloric total and macronutrient breakdown for your body type and fitness goals, I can help. I have reduced ALL of my online training and coaching packages to reach a larger audience and help everyone, regardless of income level, reach their fitness goals! Check out all of my packages on My Website.

Stop conforming to bullshit dieting myths and start get results while actually enjoying your diet!

- Ryan Hughes


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