July 15, 2014


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5 Shocking Training Mistakes Killing Your Gains!

We all want to make the ever-illusive “gains,” right? Well, the more clients I work with and the more fitness enthusiasts I come in contact with at events, expos, etc. – the more I realize these simple, yet devastating gain-killing mistakes people make every day! Take a look and make sure your not doing the same!

1)   Extensive Steady-State Cardio – This one is probably the most common. People immediately relate fat loss to hours of steady-state cardio, which is odd considering steady-state cardio actually does very little for fat loss over time and just about nothing for your metabolic rate. Is it OK to do steady-state or LISS cardio? Sure, but don’t go overboard.  Instead, incorporate more HIIT based cardio with varying exercise intervals to increase your metabolic rate and accelerate fat loss! Need some examples? Check out my latest program Blast & Burn: BOOTCAMP - it's packed with tons of them. 

2)   Not Prioritizing Compound Movements – It’s leg day and your performing endless sets of extensions and hamstring curls. Maybe it’s chest day and your cranking out countless reps on the pec deck. These movements are great, but if your doing them in place of exercises like Back Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, etc. then you are selling your workouts and your physique short. Build your workouts around these compound lifts to maximize your potential.

3)   Thinking You Are “Overtraining” – I hear this literally everyday! “Ryan, your workouts contain a lot of volume, do you think this might be overtraining?” The term “overtraining” is shit. There I said it. In the golden days of bodybuilding guys like Arnold or one of my personal favorites, Tom Platz, would spend hour after hour in the gym. These guys weren’t texting or on instagram either – they were flat out busting their ass for hours on end. The fact is, 99.9% of gym-goers don’t even come close to maximum effort or training intensity. My suggestion, focus on exerting absolute MAX effort in every training session you perform instead of stressing about some bullshit bodybuilding myth. Besides, I am willing to bet the guy who told you, you were overtraining in the first place, isn’t exactly “jacked.” Here I demonstrate MAX effort in a training session ==> http://bbcom.me/1nu4yMd.

4)   Stopping Before Failure – This rivals the steady-state cardio for the most common mistake. My entire Blast Training System is built around the idea that maximum effort and training to complete failure is absolutely crucial. A rep range is simply a guide, not a limitation. For example, if you’re on your final set of Incline Dumbbell Press and you want 6 heavy reps and you get to 6 and have more, why are you stopping? Those reps that take every ounce of energy and effort to achieve are the reps that make an actual difference in your physique.

5)   Too Much Rest – This one gets worse and worse as we become more attached to our devices. Your time between sets should be minimal, period. Unless you’re a power lifter, there is simply no need to rest longer then 60-120 seconds from set to set. You want to hit an all-out max set here and there, fine, but resting 3-5 minutes between sets, especially when they aren’t even your heaviest sets, is crazy! What are you waiting for? Your muscles don’t train themselves, so get back to work! 

- Ryan Hughes


IFBB Men’s Physique Pro / New York City VIP Personal Trainer / Online Coach