Blast Training System - Blast & Burn: BOOTCAMP

The most mentally and physically challenging program I have ever produced. Why? Because this is the exact 30-Day regimen I personally use to prepare for my photo shoots and things have to be taken to another level. In preparing for my last BSN photo shoot, I actually kept a journal of my workouts and regimen in the weeks leading up to the shoot. This journal will now be YOUR 30-Day training bible. Regardless if your looking to get shredded for the beach, prepare for a photo shoot or even just look your best for a wedding or event - this is the program for you! In just 30 Days, you will dramatically change your physique, guaranteed! Included in the program:

  • NEW Body-Type Macro Nutrient Profiles
  • NEW Flexible Dieting Integration
  • NEW Daily Schedule with a Daily Training Outline
  • ALL-NEW Daily Blast Workouts
  • ALL-NEW HIIT Blast Workouts
  • NEW Bootcamp Supplementation Regimen
  • And Much MORE!

*Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique download link to download the product.

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