Blast Training System - Blast for Mass: BLACK

Blast for Mass - ROUND 2! All you need to know about Blast for Mass: BLACK is that it provides you with EVERYTHING you need to add significant muscle mass to your physique without the unwanted body fat, period! Forget the workout DVD’s and fad diets, it’s time to get serious about your training and get REAL RESULTS! Included in the program:

  • 25+ brand new Blast workouts designed to push you further then they ever have before!
  • Brand new Foundations workouts to enhance not only muscle confusion, but lean muscle growth.
  • The all-new MAXXED workouts, which will push you to your absolute limit and help you set all new 1RM’s and PR’s!
  • 3 body-type specific nutritional regimens designed specifically for each body-type. This ensures that regardless of your body-type, you will get results!
  • A new supplementation regimen designed to help propel your physique even further, complete with product recommendations and consumption timing.
  • A daily schedule so you know exactly what you are training, eating and supplementing every single day for the duration of the program.

*Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique download link to download the product.


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